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Though the Democrat candidate for president currently resides in the White House, investigations continue into what exactly happened in the 2020 election.

“I’m still looking for the truth,” said attorney Sidney Powell. “We’re finding more of it every day.”

Powell joined the Truth & Liberty livecast with Andrew Wommack and Richard Harris to discuss a number of issues, including election integrity.

As part of the ongoing investigations into 2020, Powell cited upcoming results from the Maricopa County (Arizona) audit, research that claims the statistical improbability of results, personal affidavits, and video evidence of alleged fraud.

“Although it paints a very dark picture of what happened in our country, I think we have to have the truth before we can solve the problem,” said Powell.

Powell has become a firebrand for constitutional conservatives, incurring the wrath of radical leftists and their “Big Tech” allies. Truth & Liberty Coalition became the latest target when the video featuring Powell was removed from YouTube immediately after the livecast.

Fighting for Rights

Powell’s organization, Defending the Republic, “was established to defend and protect the integrity of elections in the United States and the individual rights enshrined in our Constitution.” Powell shared how she and her team are working around the clock to fight against election fraud, vaccine mandates, and other strategies of the radical leftist regime.

“We’ve witnessed a complete institutional failure of every institution in our Constitution that was created to protect the rights of individuals and this country – which was divined by God to be the beacon of freedom on the face of this earth,” said Powell. “We cannot let that light be snuffed out – we must not let that light be snuffed out.”

Despite censorship and other threats against her safety, Powell continues her crusade to protect Americans’ constitutional rights. Powell’s work is so threatening to the leftist regime and their corporate allies, that she has been blocked from some social media platforms.

“Everybody can see the country disintegrating before our eyes,” said Powell. “Our rights, our cherished liberties, are evaporating by the day.”

You may view the full episode at Gospel Truth TV, a 24-hour internet television network.

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